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VMGIs experience resides in a number of consumer credit products such as: 
 -Credit card   -Education Finance   -Installment   -Auto (Loans and Lease, Direct and Indirect)

VMGI has wide ranging experience with consumer financial services providers which  includes:

  • Operational Performance Improvement

  • System Conversion Assistance

  • Budget Management

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Vendor Services Review

  • Competitive Assessments

  • Revenue Enhancement

The following are overview documents of representative projects delivered by VMGI.  If you have questions about these or other projects please contact VMGI

Bank Card Management and Process Improvement

Collections Performance Improvement

Vendor Review and Vendor Contract Negotiations

Disputes and Chargebacks

Product Control File (PCF) Review


For further information please contact:
Scott Smith, Executive Director, VMGI
(314) 409-2476



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